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Rebates for LED Lighting

As an FDL customer your business qualifies for up to 50% in rebates for any industrial and commercial lighting. We provide energy efficient lighting options qualified for the saveONergy rebate program.

As FDL customer you enjoy –


• A lower electricity bill

• Up to 45% savings in energy cost over halogen and fluorescent lights. (Top 5 Reasons To Switch To LED Lighting - Right Now!)

LED high bay fixtures’ wattage consumption ranges from 90 watts to 500 watts as compared a HID high bay which is 150 watts to a whooping 1000 watts.

• Reduced maintenance cost

LED lights last longer due to a slow output degradation function, eliminating the need to frequently replace lamps.

• Improved operational efficiency with LED fixtures


Here are the stats –

Usage Vs. Life

4 Hours/Day, 7 Days Week

34 Years

12 Hours/Day, 7 Days Week

11.5 Years

24 Hours/Day, 7 Days Week

5.75 Years


• New lighting system and a positive impact to your bottom line

So look beyond the initial investment and consider the long term effects on ROI and your company image.


Rebate application and audits

Ontario’s saveONenergy program offers rebates and incentives for Commercial, Industrial, Recreational & Institutional lighting for the LED lights and luminaries that meet the eligibility criteria. For example the fixtures should be DLC listed or Energy Star qualified.


Unsure what you need? We also assist with lighting layout -> Click For Assistance


The rebate application process can be complex and requires energy audits and pre-approvals. As your rebate applicant representative, FDL will take on all the responsibility of providing the required information and submissions of all the necessary paperwork.


Starting a rebate application

3 simple steps towards starting your rebate process today –

1. Call us at 1-855-533-0743

2. Tell us about your project requirement at cs@fdlighting.ca

3. Talk directly to a representative @ 1-905-944-1210